Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Garden

The past couple of weeks have been busy for me, but not so much with bloggable stuff. I have been dyeing lots of yarn, so the shop has been filling in. I have been cooking quite a bit, even experimenting with my own recipes, which I might share in another post. I also got my garden in and got pictures. So even though it is raining today you can have a nice sunny look at my veggies:

A Rosemary bush Blair picked out. It will make a nice shrub some day.

 Sugar snap peas in the back, pumpkin in the front, and the bare spot I planted potatoes.

 Onions on the right and I planted carrot seeds on the left.

Artichokes on far left and far right. Tomatoes in front and bush beans in back.  I may end up moving some things as they get bigger.

Lastly a geranium, just because I think they are pretty.

Our yard is fairly disorganized at the moment. We have hired a landscaper to do some work, so hopefully by next year I will have a much nicer place to plant everything. For now I am experimenting with what will grow well here. We get a lot of rain and we have lots of shade from big fir trees. I have asked my mother, an expert gardener, as well as some people at the local garden store about veggies that like shade and lots of water. So far I haven't received much of an answer. I am using the one sunny spot for my veggies this year, but there is still lots of rain. So I'm testing to see which veggies love lots of rain. So far the tomatoes and artichokes seem to love it and are thriving. I would love to hear suggestions for things to try, since this is my experimental year. Thanks!

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