Friday, December 10, 2010


This year I really wanted to have a soft tree for the baby. One without delicate glass ornaments. Instead have knitted and soft, unbreakable ornaments. I actually came across this idea a couple of years ago from Yarn Pirate, so it isn't 100% original. I have had lots of fun making ornaments, which knit up super fast. Here are the ones I have completed so far:

First up, I received this ornament kit (rav link) from Knot Another Hat at their Holiday Party. It was lots of fun and I enjoyed receiving this little item. It is made from a beaded silk yarn, which was awesome to knit up. Of course X had to add his own touch to it. Does anyone know how to get cookie goobers out of silk?

Next up, I purchased this little kit (rav link) last year. It's the Snowman Ornament from Knit/Purl. It was really fun to knit up. I love how adorable it is. The only change I made was I knit my own tiny i-cord nose for it. I was a little afraid that my little guy would accidentally eat the fimo nose that comes in the kit if it was only glued on. This was a quick and easy fix and I feel confident it will stay on with it being sewn on. Also being pretty high up on the tree will help too!

Lastly, I knit up these little guys. The patterns are both free on ravelry. It doesn't really give a gauge so I knit mine out of Dale of Norway Baby Ull and Addi #1US needles. They are characters from My Neighbor Totoro. I really love how they turned out. I will say that the little guy (rav link) is a really fun adventure to knit. The bigger one (rav link) is more of a pain that requires quite a bit more concentration than the mother of a 9 month old really has. I do want to knit it again and see if it goes easier the second time. 
I have a couple other things I want to make up, so we shall see if there is time to complete them this year. If not, I have a feeling I'll have a soft tree for a few more years to come, so I can always make them next year!

I have been super busy working on the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival. If you would like to help me out with a bit of promotion, check out the thread I started on Ravelry here! Thanks!

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teri said...

The ornaments are so darn cute. I also have a very different tree this year. Lots of embroidered ornaments and rusty bells....and sitting on the kitchen queen. At least when my guys get into things I can put them outside and no one calls CPS....ho ho ho