Monday, November 22, 2010

Dye Your Own Yarn!

I have put together a little Dye-Your-Own-Yarn Kit!

This is the dye I use everyday for my yarn. It is called One Shot. What makes it so wonderful to work with is you don't have to add anything to the dye other than boiling water. So no vinegar or anything! I love working with it. Each of the kits comes with a set of 1oz bottles of dye in primary colors (blue, yellow, and magenta). Also included is a 1/2 oz bottle of synthrapol (soap) and a skein of yarn of Superwash Sport Yarn. More yarns may be added later. The directions included give a choice of dyeing your yarn a solid color, or (my favorite) rainbow dyeing your yarn! Check them out in the shop! This would make an excellent holiday gift!

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