Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy July!

June is such a busy month, I nearly forgot about July's special. However, I did remember! No amount of post-BSG inventory, my wedding anniversary, or plans for a 4th of July bbq could stand in the way! ha ha!

Anyway, onto July's Special! I want to introduce these wonderful New! Infinity Stitch Markers made by my good friend Donna's husband Colin Boyce of Plover Designs. Donna shared the booth with me at Black Sheep, representing both Gardiner Yarn Works and Plover Designs. She got me totally hooked on these new stitch markers.

Want to know what's so special about them? Well, they are duel purpose! One side fits needles up to size 7US and the other side fits needles up to size 10US. How cool is that? I just love them! They come in a wide variety of colors. The ones I got for the shop are black, blue, clear, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow opalescent. Of course I love them all, so definitely check them out!

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ponyknit said...

Beautiful stitch markers~ I really like them!