Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sock Summit - Now with Photos!

Finally I got my photos together! I didn't take a lot of photos because so much was going on all the time. It was totally crazy, but so much fun!

Here is our booth while we were setting up. I'm always amazed how chaotic it all looks before it is all setup and put together.

See! This is the finished left side. I really like the setup this time. It's so pretty!

Next, the finished right side! pretty. It makes me happy when it is all up and organized!

One of the cool things at Sock Summit was we got name badges! Name badges that we could decorate with swag. I made sure to fill mine with Toe-Up buttons for Chrissy's new Toe-Up book and Ravelry buttons. I finally got a Ravelry button from Jess and Casey in person! It was so cool. I put my sheep sticker on it, but Blair thought that I should have one with my username so he got me another one at the Ravelry meetup.

I didn't buy a lot of things in the marketplace. It was just so overwhelming I couldn't decide. However, I did have my heart set on a couple of mugs from Jennie the Potter. She also had awesome buttons! She was right across from us, so I knew I was in trouble. I limited myself just to these things so Blair and I can drink tea this winter out of them. I just love them!

On Sunday all of our group went to see the Luminary Panel. It was simply extraordinary. These wise women shared their lifetime of information and advice to all of us who would listen. I could listen to them all day.

Oh, and I did get a little knitting in. I thought maybe I could knit some baby socks out of some leftover sock yarn to use it up. I managed this one itty bitty cuff throughout the entire weekend. The booth was hopping the whole time, which meant very little knitting time. I guess I'll just have to finish them sometime at home!


Lorajean Kelley said...

super jealous about the mugs! I need to find her shop and buy some I think.

Penny said...

how wonderful! i'm jealous you made it home with your jennie-the-potter buttons! i bought one at mdswf this year and in the rain musta lost it. it was pretty that's all i remember. i hope it turns up during cleaning.

do you know if anyone recorded the luminaries panel for us mere mortals who couldn't be there?

Anonymous said...

Very cool!