Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Test, test...a couple of yarn tests...

Yay! Now that I have had access to my computer I could do some pretty photo editing! I did some testing with some of my new yarns. For my tests I ran all of the samples through the washer and dryer with a load of jeans and towels. Believe me if it doesn't felt through that it won't felt through anything! First up: Superwash Sock yarn!

Ok, so I remembered to take photos after I got the samples wet, so that is why the first one was a little stretched. Still I think it works for our purposes. I measured each sample before I washed them and after. The superwash sock yarn is 100% superwash merino wool. The superwash did bloom a little, but not a significant amount. It neither felted nor grew in size. The yarn became a bit softer and squishier. Next up: Panda Silk Sock Yarn:

Panda Silk is 52% Bamboo / 43% Superwash Merino Wool / 5% Combed Silk. It bloomed a little and filled in, but not significantly. It remained the same size and retained the same characteristics of the yarn before it was washed. It really is a pretty yarn that should hold up to a lot of wear! Last of all: Panda Wool Sock:

Panda Sock is 46% Bamboo / 43% Wool / 5% Nylon. It definitely had a bit of felting. However I don't think that this yarn will felt down significantly smaller than the original size. I am sure that adding a couple of sts to your sock would more than make up for it. The finished sample is really soft and fluffy. The stitches are still visible and easily pulled apart by stretching the swatch with my fingers, as in the swatch still has plenty of give and flexibility. The bamboo and nylon part of the yarn doesn't felt at all. I feel the same way about it that I do about the Silky Sock. The yarn becomes much softer after being washed and would be nice and warm to wear. I also think that it would wear well over time and make for a very sturdy sock.

Overall I am very happy with the three new yarns that I chose! I think they will make somebody's feet very happy, too!


Penny said...

YAY!! I still need to make a decision as to what i want to test with first. ;)

Ruby Banshee said...

Is the Panda Sock the same as Crystal Palace Panda Wool? I made socks from that. They felted a tiny bit the first couple of times I washed them, and then just fully felted. I'm not careful, through, and I wash and dry my socks if they are supposedly superwash. The Panda Wool says machine wash, but also doesn't specify that it is superwash wool.