Friday, August 31, 2007


Ok, so this post is mostly about pretty furniture, vaguely related to all things fiber. So to distract you from that I will start with a link to Sarah's blog where itty bitty Mallory is wearing some of the pretty things I have knit. Let me just say that this is the entire reason for knitting for babies, adorable baby pictures in handknit items.

Ok, back to the furniture. Recently they built an Ikea in Portland. Before this I had never been in an Ikea. I have seen plenty of really pretty things around on various blogs that let me know that it was an incredible place to visit. I wasn't disappointed. We went last Saturday through tons of people and gave the place a good look through. We had a mission: my husband wanted to find another bookcase and I wanted a set of cubbies, like those at Knot Another Hat, to store my yarn in. Here is what we found:

Ok, so this wasn't on the list. This is a lovely set of shelves that we found just perfect for our DVDs. One of the things that was going to happen with my set of cubbies was that the shelf that formerly held our tapes and dvds was going to be moved. I boxed up all of our tapes. Eventually I am going to replace all of our tapes with dvds anyway.

Next, Blair insisted that we needed a new bookcase. I guess he was right. We filled this baby up right away. If you look closely that is Harry Potter on the top and knitting books on the second shelf. This way I actually have knitting books in my bedroom. Blair is so smart!

Lastly, this is my set of cubbies just for Lavendersheep. Just think you are seeing the whole shop in one shot! I am a little low on yarn at the moment because I am working on a big, big order for Woolgirl. I see a lot of winding in my future, but it is all good. Lots of stuff for fall, so stay tuned to her site for a big update.

I do have a few knitted items to share with you next time. I'm going to be working less over the next couple of weeks, which means I should have a bit more time to blog! Yay!


midgeling said...

The Seattle Ikea is only about 5 minutes from my house. The kids are always bugging me to go there, but I try to resist because things just seem to follow me home. How cool that you are going to be in Woolgirl's shop! I's good to see that you will be getting more exposure! :-)

Bobbi said...

Hey, that yarn shelving looks awfully familiar. Sad to say though: yours produces income and mine is a display of reducing income. ;-)

Mokihana said...

Great new furniture. I have a couple of friends who absolutely adore Ikea. I love your cubbies... have not been an Ikea drooler, but the cubbies may make me change my mind.

sarah / knot another hat said...

New furniture looks great! I need to get down there!

Penny said...

:) doesn't ikea rock? i love me my billy bookcases. They are building one near us (sorta) in Brooklyn. I could bike there! (But how I would get more bookcases home is beyond me. ;) ) anyway, YAY!!

and I agree with Bobbi.. I don't have that bookcase for yarn shelving but same production applies. ;)

knitseashore said...

Sounds like you had a great trip to Ikea! We have one semi-locally and I haven't been there yet, but your post is very encouraging!